Free motion quilting challenge – May –

Earlier in May, while I was going through blogs I came across 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge organized by Quiltshopgal then immediately I wanted to join. I read the instructions given by Cindy Needham (her quilts are amazing)  and left my head to bubble with design idea. And then suddenly I got so many things to do before I could start making a cushion for this challenge and I thought I missed the deadline. Fortunately the deadline has extended until mid September!

I chose to do option 3. I would like to make a symmetrical beautiful quilt by using Cindy’s stencils and instructions one day but I am a more of doodle quilter and I didn’t want to get late too much for this challenge.

I divided the surface in nine squares and drew a wiggly loop to divide them further.

By Slaney HandCraftI quilted with various shape of feathers outside the loop and filled the outer edge with more structured patterns.

By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraftThen I drew four gentle curves to be spines for more feathers. I changed those feather styles as they cross the dividers. And the rest was filled doodles.

By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraftBy Slaney HandCraftAnd this quilt was made into 18″ cushion cover.

By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraftThe fabric I used was Kona white and thread is 100% cotton from Empress mill, 50wt. It has fastener closure and binding is teal green because I just needed to add some colour.

The instruction about free motion quilting by Cindy is a great read and showed me something I couldn’t explain. Do hop over to read them and create something!


5 thoughts on “Free motion quilting challenge – May –

  1. Great finish! I love your description as a “doodle quilter”, I think I am a bit of a hand doodler, especially when it comes to using a pattern for anything.

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