Bookshelf quilt – part two

It’s been a while since I bloged about my bookshelf quilt but I am back to it for last few days.

Before I stopped, I was adding background space with Kona ash / grey fabric and I hoped I had enough but I didn’t typically. So then bought a half yard of it and started putting them together again last Monday. By Tuesday it was quite clear I still didn’t have enough of it! By how much? Two 6.5″ squares and one 5.5″ by 4″. I went back to Fluffy sheep quilting to buy a fat quarter and I finally got all the fabric for the background.

book blocks!

book blocks before the assemble

book ends

Blocks for bookends

I choose lilac spraytime from Makower for shelving or sashing in quilt term and they are all 1″ strips.

Block assemble has began(while I was waiting for the last fat quarter) and done(after I got it obviously).

The middle shelves where assemble started.

The middle shelves where assemble started.

Shelves are put together!

Shelves are put together!

It looks like very wide and short, doesn’t it? It’s actually almost 79″ by 79″(almost 2m). And most importantly every blocks fitted together!

I have picked a fabric for the border which is a very pale yellow fabric. After I put that I am going to leave it until I get ideas for what to do with quilting.


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