Feel a bit of summer?

At last feeling a bit of summer heat(in Irish term, not general) and flowers are happier now.

aquligea pale blue

Pale blue Aquilegia

aquligea red double

Double red Aquilegia

aquligea white double

White double one

aquligea double 01

And funny looking one 🙂

bushy flower

Thalictrum, is it double one?


White clematis and the first one to flower.


I think some kind of viburnum but not sure.






The very first daylily.


I have so many marigold, would like to take some home?

oriental poppy

The first and second oriental poppy.

sweet gerlic

Sweet garlic. Yes they stinks!

wild rose

Wild roses are blooming.

yellow flower

I still don’t know the name of this flower…

yellow iris

Yellow Iris. Purple ones are in bloom too.

yellow rose

And a lovely rose 🙂

vibournum wedding vale white flower


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