I will be making some small wall hanging quilts for this summer and this one is the first one.

This one is a mini quilt, 17.75″ by 20″H.

After making this quilt “FLOW“, I wanted to make a quilt with appliquéd circles.

Circles? Bubbles? Rings? …..

alliumAlliums!(well, actually the image inspired me was chives which we have too many in veg patch, but let’s say Alliums)

It’s me, usual me. My Alliums are in any colour.

By Slaney HandCraftQuilted with bursting flower heads. Appliquéd stems are not reaching the bottom of frame but quilting is.

By Slaney HandCraft

The background was quilted with some sort of wiled flowers and leaves.By Slaney HandCraft

The border was a bit more organized than main parts. More swirls and leaves.By Slaney HandCraft

By Slaney HandCraft

And this is how it looks from the other side. By Slaney HandCraft


8 thoughts on “Allium

  1. This is gorgeous Tomomi , as are the chives in our garden . We are still waiting for the alliums . Your alliums move gently in the breeze x

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