Leaves on scraps

When I was making a quilt with circles, I wanted make the next one with leaves. Falling down, scattered on the ground, or blown by wind. Light airy look.

First I made a lot of appliqué leaves with two fabrics. All fusible web attached.

Then come to think about background, I decided to make it up with scraps of white and pale colours. Actually I added some light browns and purples too(sorry no photos of progress here, I’m a bad blogger). They are all pieced as some kind of improvised log cabin or crazy quilt with only rectangles.

When it was a time to place leaves, I suddenly thought putting them like spreading from the centre was a good idea rather than gently falling from sky. I think the randomness of background gave me that idea. Anyway so I did. As a result I started quilting from the centre.


Centre was not right in the middle

And I kept quilting spiral way going outwards with imaginative leaves and organic shapes.

By Slaney HandCraft

By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraftIn order to bring some order to this quilt, I quilted with repeating geometric shapes on the border. Those long straight lines are done with a quilting ruler. A great toy for free motion quilting!!

By Slaney HandCraftSo here it is! My leaves.

By Slaney HandCraftAnd for the better view of quiltingBy Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraftIt’s 36″ by 40″, a wall hanging quilt.


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