Free motion quilting challenge – June

Free motion quilting challenge is organized by QuiltShopGal and June’s expert is Diane Gaudynski. Her quilting is so detailed and neat! And instructions she gives on her blog is so informative and detailed. Great read for any quilters.

I choose OPTION #1 which is feathers. But I have to be neat not free flow and neat echo quilting. Yes, neatness is my theme for June and to do so I have to slow down and be very careful.

The first spine of feather. Because I had to stop and reposition my hands there are bit of wobbly bit but that will be covered with actual feather bumps. Stitching back along the first line went well.quilting 02

The first side of feather and echo lines outside. I thought I would be much messier but didn’t do bad.

quilting 03

And the first feather is finished. My confidence about neatness grew!

quilting 04I added branches to feathers and echo quilted the blank space. And that went well too!quilting 06 quilting 05

Filled with some spirals in a bigger space to add different look.quilting 07

cushion cover 01And this is the finished cushion. The fabric is Kona white and thread is cotton 50wt in white. I use Warm and White cotton wadding this time because it gives much whiter appearance. The binding is grape purple and backing is Kona white too. cushion cover 02


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