Triangle tiles

After all the foundation paper piecing, this quilt was made!

By Slaney HandCraft I wanted to make a quilt with some Islamic tile design for a while. They look so intricate but a great fun to play with colours and shapes. All the blocks are triangle shape and made to hexagons and diamonds.

For this quilt, I probably should use lighter purple and blue or make this quilt much bigger with repeating patterns to make it more interesting. Maybe next time( if I have a patient to do so).

I got quilting rulers last month. 6″ straight line one and half circle ones of various diameter.  Quilting rulers are for neater free motion quilting lines. I can follow marking with free motion quilting but do get wobble now and then and concentration required for not doing so is so tense! This is a better option 🙂

Some of quilting for this quilt were done with rulers. Those circle lines and straight lines. Spines of feathers were done with half circle ruler too but just using some part of it.

By Slaney HandCraftBy Slaney HandCraftThe purple and blue arrow shapes were quilted without ruler. Swirls and dense straight lines.

By Slaney HandCraft

On the borders I quilted with tile like patterns and filled one shape with more quilting and left the other. To fill them I followed the print pattern which was my initial quilting plan and made this stone wall print more real.

By Slaney HandCraftBy Slaney HandCraft45″ by 40″.

This quilt can be wall hanging or table centre piece. All made of cotton material. Most of the fabric used are available for purchase. Contact me for detail.


2 thoughts on “Triangle tiles

  1. I love the piece but I love the way you have quilted it even more. Though I know little about machine quilting and am not particularly a fan from what I have seen, you really have a master’s touch.

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