Hello from our garden.

I don’t know why I am not taking many pictures of our garden this year. Because it’s the second year and there is not much change? or It’s the weather not being very kind( cold May, driest June, and very wed and cold July)? or the broken new camera.

Anyway some are blooming for sure.

Lavender I planted last year(nearly flowering).lavenderRoses are beautiful 🙂

orange rose

rose 02 white rose

Monk’s head and thistle. In this bed, most flowers are in purple.

monk's headIris, I think they are Japanese(Please ignore vine weeds).


Wild thistle’s buds. I know I have to remove this sometime…
thistleHydrangeas are extra slow.

hydrangea 02And, I still don’t know the name of this flower. Look like Chrysanthemum but are they? Leaves don’t look like them.

chrisunthumI took those photos last weekend and I hope I can this weekend too.


5 thoughts on “Hello from our garden.

  1. Wow, that variegated rose looks almost like a camellia. The lavender looks very happy. I have completely run out of weeds to pull in my garden and the “weed lot” I began working on last summer. Maybe I need to wing over there …

  2. Your garden looks beautiful , very restful . I love the thistles and the purples . It looks like a chrysythanemum to me , or maybe a dahlia ?

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