Free motion quilting challenge – July

I finally got around to do some sewing yesterday after a busy week with other things.

I was asked to quilt two tea towels. One is cotton with aboriginal design and the other is Irish linen with native butterfly pictures.

The aboriginal design was busy with dots so I just filled the gaps in between of dots to enhance the design. I could go around each dot but they were very small and I thought they might end up flat with dense quilting so I just quilted with lines.By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraftThe linen towel was tricky to handle because it was woven loose. It shifts very easy. This one is filled with doodles on the background like those butterflies were in a meadow.

By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraft

After I quilted them I moved on to make a quilted cushion cover. This month’s free motion quilting challenge organized by Quilt Shop Gal is showcaseing Paula Reid. I choose option #1 which using a quilting template designed by Paula.

I haven’t used templates for quilting before but after the last month’s challenge I am confident to follow the line without getting wobbly. And using template makes quilting design very organized and stops me trying to add more 😉

The template given was quite simple and beautiful but I wanted add more without destroying the original idea. After turning and flipping, I added smaller half ones on four corners.

Microsoft Word - feathered circle stencil by janie donaldson The

And the design was copied on the fabric which is kona white and got quilted with white cotton thread,50wt. I filled outside of motif and middle of feather with echo quilting. The wadding I used was Warm and white made of cotton. Hmmm, I need bit more puffier wadding or should do trapunto?

By Slaney HandCraftAnyway, a zip was inserted and cushion was bound with multi coloured fabric.

By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraftThis pillow case ended to be 17″ but perfectly fits with 18″ cushion filler.


8 thoughts on “Free motion quilting challenge – July

  1. Came to see your cushion which is great… well done… I love the idea of using tea towels and quilting them too…

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