Free motion quilting challenge – August –

Free motion quilting challenge is organized by QuiltShopGal and August’s expert is Angela Walters. She is one of favourite quilter! When I started using Pinterest a couple years ago, I came across her quilting and just fell in love how she does it. Her quilting is very fluid and gives block constructions extra beauty.

So earlier this year I bought one of her book, “Shape by shape”. The idea of this book is to give some hint when you stuck what to do. Yes and I do look up when I get stuck with quilting ideas but haven’t tried some designs yet.

I choose option #2 to go through all the possibility of in this book. I am sticking to do white whole cloth quilt for all the challenges and this time too. But in order to quilt in the shape, I had to create shapes. I drew octagons, diamonds and squares in Islamic tile style and stitched those lines first with free motion with a straight line ruler.

By Slaney HandCraftNow to fill each shape with different quilting designs. I started from the middle. I treated octagon as hexagon/circle.

circle bracket

from “Shape by shape”

This bracket design looked good and I made each brackets larger to draw a flower shape. I then filled inside of this flower with a daisy shape and the background with wiggly lines.

By Slaney HandCraftNext was squares but I added two lines to make triangle shapes as well as make me to quilt continuous and put hooked spiral in the middle which I think very Angela’s style.  Small diamonds are filled with little feathers.


from “Shape by shape”

I divided next round of octagons in two groups so I don’t have to do same quilting eight times. The idea for the first four was above, ribbon candy.  To fit well in the octagon shape I made outer circle to be bigger and inner ones to be smaller. The result was another flowers with added bubbles and stems.

By Slaney HandCraftAs you can see above photo, I quilted with orange peel on other four octagons. They looked bit empty so added more lines( you can see it the photo below).

The star shapes were divided and filled with echo quilting.

Those narrow trapeziums needed a good think.


From “shape by shape”

I wanted to do this quilting design but never find the right place but finally I did in those trapeziums (and you can see the fill for the orange peels here) .

By Slaney HandCraftThe last four large triangle corners are filled with this design in my mind.

From "shape by shape!

From “shape by shape!

But with twisted filling and the background was filled with tiny pebbles.By Slaney HandCraftIt was so much fun to explore a whole book, finding nice shapes and modifying, adding and adding more. I really had a great fun! I actually can’t see the original grids on the finished quilt but very very happy with it!

It was squared and bound with reddish orange fabric to add boldness. The size is 18″ and with zip closure at the back.

By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraftI am so grateful to have this challenge and I can finally use quilting ideas from Angela’s book. Also this whole design is more structured and I can repeat to make a few more cushion cover. That was a bonus.


10 thoughts on “Free motion quilting challenge – August –

  1. This took a while to explore…thanks for all the pictures. This looks absolutely brilliant. Great idea of starting with a tile, but even greater to see what you then did with all the spaces. Very beautiful quilting.

  2. I loved reading about your process! You have wonderfully incorporated a variety of quilting designs to make a great wholecloth heirloom pillow! Karin is right…I took some time looking at your photos!

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