Works in progress

Tomorrow, my daughter’s school reopens. She is going to be in the Transition year which is a year of experiencing life rather than study. No textbook for her this year but work experience, school tour and a lot of other things. Back to early morning routine too.

I am right now working on four quilts, all for commissions.

green diamond stripe 01 triangles 01Above three are memorial quilts for a lady. I am adding some appliqué on the first two now.

centre pieceThis one is going to be a house warming gift, king size medallion quilt. A few more round will be added when I get one more fabric I have ordered(can’t wait).


5 thoughts on “Works in progress

  1. Ooh lots of lovely things, I particularly like the first one. I’m not familiar with a transitional year- is that like reception class (before year 1) or is she older?

  2. Hi Tomomi,

    I have to ask you, what is transition year? It sounds fun.


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