A postcard for swap

A busy week flew.

I finished two quilts(can’t show you pics here yet), harvested all the potato, trimmed some of the hedges by hand(because powered trimmer is missing….) and turned compost! Country life!

garden 11 09 2015

Those hedges are only fraction of what we have. More around veg patch and two side facing the roads.

And made a postcard quilt for swap with Japanese group. This time theme is using buttons. I don’t have great collection of buttons. But when I saw a red button, I wanted make it an apple.

by Slaney HandCraftThis is before quilting. No button there yet. When I was looking for some scraps for a bird, that fox jumped out for an attention. So I put it there.

by Slaney HandCraftJust quilted on the black outline of Mr. fox. Went bit wobbly on left ear.

by Slaney HandCraftClouds and wind. That bird is smaller than my thumb.

And added a button on the tree.by Slaney HandCraftWe have two apple threes in our garden. One hasn’t been great but the other makes huge apples. They are all cooking apples and not red! Time to make apple pies!!


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