Free motion quilting challenge – September

Already the last week of September? Where did the time go. Anyway this is my entry for the free motion quilting challenge for September with QuiltShopGal.

This month’s expert is Teri Lucas with beautiful feather star. Their Kaleidoscope design program looks very nice( look at the samples they made, fab!) but I opted one with using template provided by Jeanie of Kaleidscope Collections.

feather-kaleidoscope-sample-1This template is 8″ by 8″ and finished cushion cover is 18″ by 18″. Hmmm What can I sep smallI scattered small stars in circle and and put one large one to add some contrast. I did design the whole thing as 18″ but when I transferred those template on actual fabric, they were much bigger and I couldn’t fit all three small stars fully and only managed to put two and a half star there.By Slaney HandCraftThose feathers in the middle of small stars are so tiny and look a bit squashed from the distance but they have proper shapes.

By Slaney HandCraftThen I echoed around the large star and outlined small ones with a bit more feather. I think smaller ones are rather look like starfishes now.

By Slaney HandCraftThe most of background was filled with straight lines except one the corner where I put one more feather(like I didn’t get enough of it ;)).

By Slaney HandCraftCut and put backing and inserted a zipper to make this wholecloth quilt to a cushion cover. I added midnight blue for binding for those stars to shine!

By Slaney HandCraft

All fabric used are Kona cotton white. Thread is 100% cotton from Empress mill and 50wt.

size : 18″ by 18″

By Slaney HandCraft

I used water soluble pen for marking and sprayed water to disappear. I am sure every single stitch didn’t land on the marking line but once marking is gone it, doesn’t make any difference.

Using template is a good way to practice any unfamiliar shape for free motion quilting. Do have a go!


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