Hexy over the summer

I was hand stitching hexagons here and there over the summer. In the pop up shop, in a hotel room, in the house. English paper piecing/hand sewing takes time but easy to carry around and that what I did over the summer, about four months of on and off.

All the hexagons are 2″ and I thought it won’t take long to make it 18″ by 18″ but it did somehow.

By Slaney HandCraft

A lot of longarm quilters use two layer of different wadding to create nice puff. Doing it on domestic machine on a large quilt is not so easy because of the weight(it’s already heavy with single layer of wadding!). Since this mini quilt is only 18″ by 18″ I put two layers of warm and natural cotton wadding to see the difference( I know those people use poly-cotton or wool wadding but I don’t have them now).By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraft By Slaney HandCraft

There are little bit more puff but where I quilted is quite stiff which I don’t really like. Maybe I am quilting too dense. I might give another try with bit more loose quilting.

By Slaney HandCraft

It was a good fun to mess with hexagon shape though!.

It’s 18″ by 18″,  a mini wall hanging quilt.

hex mini


3 thoughts on “Hexy over the summer

  1. I have made two quilts with elongated hexies, copying Lucy Boston’s stars and crosses which I saw long ago at a British fair. I have never done paper foundation, but just sewed the seams together. It is a lot of work whichever way you do it.

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