We have UPGRADED our broadband about two weeks ago. Since then we have a very patchy internet connection, slower downloading speed and crawling uploading speed. As a result, WordPress wouldn’t let me upload any photos.

But I am able to put photos on Instagram so if you are interested, pop over there. Or Facebook which gets photos fed from Instagram.


I finished a king size medallion quilt and delivered it to my client who delivered it to his recipients and I heard it was received with great joy. I managed to take some photos in lovely sunshine and hopefully I can show them near future.

I took lovely Autumn pictures of our garden too! Now leaves are on the ground and trees are more naked.


On the bright side,

We went holiday for a first time in a long long time. We went to Leitrim, cute little village and lovely lakes there. We had lovely few days without thinking about daily life.

I have won the second prize with September’s free motion quilting challenge. I wasn’t expecting that and very very happy with it 🙂

Now, I shall get ready for mad Christmas season. Hopefully I can show you some photos here soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “sigh……

  1. My sympathies for when things are not working right. I hope it gets sorted out before long.
    I love the way you attack those challenges with gay abandon. You are a first prize in my book! I am in awe at your work.

  2. We are lucky living near Belfast that our broadband is top whack , one of the advantages of being near a centre of population , but then we don’t have your lovely surroundings .
    Well done on the machine quilting , I have been enjoying the photos in Instagram

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