A medallion quilt

Yahoo! Broadband is back(not so super fast but I don’t complain)!!

Here is my story about this medallion quilt.

whole quilt 02

Back in early summer, I got an email about commissioning a king size quilt for his friends as house warming and a baby shower gift due in October. How lovely gift is that 🙂

We discussed about the design starting with what kind of quilt style he is looking for and that was a medallion quilt ( I love to make a medallion but it doesn’t suit my home so never happened). Then what to put in the middle which was a mariner’s compass (no problem). And then fabric style choice, batik, antique or modern. He chose Tilda style which is classic with modern twist. Chic and soft(super pretty to use for myself but love to have Tilda somewhere).

Then I was like, how I am going to make a Mariner’s compass with Tilda!? Some may know but most likely Mariner’s compass has very strong colour combination and masculine look! Not soft gentle Tilda. Big thinking time.

I picked some Tilda fabrics and looked for suitable fabrics from other brands to fit in Mariner’s compass because Tilda is very floral and I wanted to calm that a bit . And thanks to the great local shops, I managed to find what I needed.

detail compass 01

Pretty Mariner’s compass quilted with feather.

This quilt is 102″ by 102″ (2.5m) but since the center piece is 36″ and there is 9″ wide border where I can add a lot of quilting for texture, the top came together quite quickly.

detail wide border 01

That’s the 9″ plus border in white.

Quilting was hard not because it’s big to move around but also I had to repeat same designs more than I normally do.

detail geese 01

spiral on green, welsh leaves on brown, waves on grey and swirl on beige.

I quilted with more formal style motifs rather than free flow of doodle quilting since the whole look of this quilt is formal which requires more discipline. Not all those repeated motifs are exactly same but look the same( and after that I totally enjoyed free flow of quilting pumpkins!).

detail corn 01On the large corner of compass, I added wheat motifs and filled background with straight lines.

detail geese 02

detail corn and border 01Flying geese are quilted with some tile design in my mind.

detail flower 01A lot of ruler works there with large curves and straight lines which is a inch apart. I really like the flowers I put on that corner( upside down).

detail border 01I bound this quilt before I quilted the wide 9″ border which gave me a lot of time to think since I hand stitched the binding for about three hours. Art Deco was my idea there.

detail shooflyThis pale blue( it’s actually very pale soft blue in real but in photo became neon!) shoo fly blocks I placed in the middle of borders rather than adding corner stone, was very last part to be quilted. The reason I put it there is to break up long border. I could quilt this border with design based on this block but I just didn’t come up any better design.

I must say I totally enjoyed making this quilt. It was a great challenge but very very fulfilling.

A baby girl arrived just about the same time I finished this quilt. Quilt is sent to the new home and received with joy.

Thank you so much for the opportunity otherwise I wouldn’t make anything like this beauty.


3 thoughts on “A medallion quilt

  1. I like the way you took something as traditional as a Mariner’s compass and found a way to do it in a non-traditional way and make it work in such a unique and lovely way. I am also astounded of how you could manage to quilt something that large on a machine. What a pro you are!

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