FORM designmade in Carlow’s exhibition in Dublin is well under way! I was minding the place yesterday, Sunday. It was Sunday after all and a bit quiet and I had a bit of time to play with my camera which I haven’t fully understand yet.

I like the pinpoint focus function a lot.


Naturally dyed silk cushion cover





The auto focus is super on this camera. I can move the focus point, change the size, hold while changing the angle. I haven’t trued to chase the movement yet since our cat is not much incorporating.

egg cozy

auto focus is so clever and sharper

felt wrarp

Manual focus and bit fuzzy

It has a miniature effect which I need much wider scenery to play with.

shop 01

Other shop views.


It’s a scale model of a beautiful counter.


Coffee table


And my quilts.

exhibision 01exhibition 02


Love that shadow!

But I really like to go outside to take more landscape photos but rain doesn’t stop!!

The exhibition is open until this Sunday 20th. Do call in!

57 Main St., Blackrock, Dublin. It’s almost opposite to the library.


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