Free motion quilting challenge – December

I skipped November’s challenge because I just couldn’t find the time to do so by the end of November. Now it’s December and a lot of things got out of the way and I managed to make this one even before the Christmas!

Free motion quilting challenge is organised by Quilt shop gal and the December’s expert is Wendy Sheppard of Ivory Spring and she has published a few books.

I choose the option #6 which I picked  some quilting design from Wendy’s “Thread Talk” blog series. There are few I really liked to try and so I did.

The first ones caught my eye was feathers in wreath shape and the swirly vines. I didn’t want one design to dominate the whole space so I divided and put both of them.

I do feather differently from Wendy and the result of look is quite different too.


Something told me to have some straight lines. I put the swirl vines to create diamond shape and put pearls inside and then more feather to fill it.

diamond 04

One large corner was left empty and I put a peacock feather there which doesn’t show up nicely on any photos!

feather 02

Some background space was filled with swirl and other was with wavy lines.

diamond 05

I bound it with brown fabric with flower print which is actually much darker and richer than you can see on photos.

cushion cover 02

cushion cover 03

I started this free motion quilting challenge in May and totally enjoyed it every month.

Thank you Darlene for organising this fun challenge!!

Merry Christmas to all and I shall be back sometime later.




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