A postcard for swap

I just finished quilting the latest one and will show you quilting bits soon.

While I was thinking about how to put binding on it, I made this postcard which is for swap with Japanese quilters.

This time we are using something like cord, yarn, embroidery thread or anything thicker than normal thread. Initially I had planned to crochet a tiny doily and use it as design for a dream catcher. But one day last week while I was browsing the net, a Omamori bag cought my eye.


Omamori bags are a kind of good luck charm. Some are made for protecting you and some are for good fortune. I never opened a bag to see what is inside because that is a very very bad thing to do and so I actually don’t know what is in ones from shrines. If you make one, you put something special for you or little prayer.

I made this one with Kimono silk fabric which one of my friend gave me and I tied that special knot for Omamori with Japanese silk cord. I quilted outline of Ume flowers but not so visible on the photos…

card 02

Green crosses are fabric version of St. Bridget’s cross which is for keeping bad things away from house. Real ones are made of long rush grass and has more complicated look.

My thought for this card is a hope for better world and whoever receives it, this card give them a good year ahead.


Finally rain stopped and cold air came over Ireland! Proper winter is here! Taking photos of frost and winter flowers are fun but my fingers were not happy! Love this camera so much!!

frost on grassfrost on leaf









3 thoughts on “A postcard for swap

  1. Your photos of the little flowers are lovely. And you have made the world better already, with your beautiful postcard. Whoever receives it should indeed feel very lucky.

    Happy New Year. We have a little snow today, too.

  2. I love your Japanese postcard swap . The little things you make and swap with each other are so lovely . The signs of Spring are in your photos and winter has only arrived !

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