Mighty Lucky Quilting Challenge – January

In the middle of December last year, I came across a post about Mighty Lucky Quilting Club on Facebook. I needed something to motivate/inspire for making new quilts regularly for this year and it sounded quite interesting. So I asked dear husband to get the subscription as Christmas present for me. And it came to me on New Year’s day.

The featured designer for January is Krista Fleckenstein of Spotted Stones and she wanted us to make bias tape design.

Probably my very first quilt with bias tapes are these stained glass quilts.french-windows-wm

Since I made some more stained glass quilts. And also Celtic knot design which I don’t know where is any more.

This time, I wanted make different kind of bias tape design, not black tape. The first idea came to me was paisley design. And I wanted a lot of colour too. Initially I was going to make bias tapes in different colour but I thought making them multi colour would be more interesting.

So I cut nine 6.5″ square of fabrics and cut in half to triangles shapes and stitched together to make them long.bias tape prepared

I cut them 1/2″ wide strips to make 1/4″ wide bias tapes and attached Bondaweb on the back.

bias tapes

This was initial placing of bias tapes on black background. A butterfly, paisley, flower and a leaf(?).

binding tape stage one

Then I added more lines inside and all over. I could keep going since it was so much fun but I stopped myself there.

bias tape

Ideally I should stitch tapes down with invisible mono filament thread but mine didn’t behave well(stretched while sewing and shrunk back to gather up the fabric) and I opted to stitch them with dark purple cotton thread. Not all the stitch are on the spot but I am fine with that.

border added detail

With added border, this quilt top looked like this. Reddish brown and antique brown to calm down a bit.

border added

I normally quilt with blending colour of thread. However quilting with black thread on black background doesn’t make very interesting unlike white. So bravely I decided to quilt with purple variegated thread. I love the result!

quilting detail 03

Doodle quilted as I liked.

quilting detail 05.jpg

quilting detail

quilting corner.jpg

The triangle corner was done over drawing.


View on the back.

finished quilt]

Making bias tapes was a bit of pain but after that I had so much fun creating this quilt 🙂

It’s about 27″ by 27″. You can use this quilt as a table centre piece or wall hanging.

Looking forward to next month’s activity!


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