The first quilt of 2016

Remember I was talking about this quilt back a few weeks ago? I quilted and bound before the bias tape quilt but haven’t shown any picture of it. Now it’s with a customer and I can show you some quilting detail.

This quilt’s inspirations are from what he loved and the main material used are from his shirts. Quilting needed to add more illustration to tell the story. And I hope I did.

wave 01

Different wave inspired quilting on the sea.


wave 02

Kayaking in the open sea

mountain 01

The joints on exposed rocky hill

bee hive 01

Monk’s huts are made of layers of stone.

celtic cross

Celtic knot on the vertical borders.

heart detail

back detail 02

Better view of quilting

back detail 01


finished overall


There were some more fabrics left and they were made into cushion covers and a tea cosy.


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