February 2016

Where did January go? That was quick!

Tuesday morning, we were greeted by this beautiful nacreous clouds.

nacreous clouds 01nacreous clouds 02nacreous clouds 03nacreous clouds 04nacreous clouds 05

I was just dropping my daughter to the school bus around eight and as I started the car, there they were, right in front of us. I rushed home to take some photos. It lasted a long time(may be 9.30?) and disappeared eventually. I was very lucky to see that!

And then I looked around the garden if any flowers were up.

white helebore

They are happily flowering since Christmas time.


So this one.


The first flower!

pink helebo

A bit more colour in the garden.


This one is now flowering!


Nearly there.


Most of this week was spent making these cushions. Yep, the last bits from shirts. I used some traditional blocks and quilted with free motion. Now they are on the way to their home.

Happy weekend!


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