Mighty Lucky – February

I am taking part Mighty Lucky Quilting Club which organized by Lucky Spool this year. February’s Designer is Season Evans who’s quilts are minimalist.

Yep, I had to make a minimalist quilt which is quite opposite of what I do when come to quilting. That’s a challenge!

I turned my scrap box of neutral fabrics upside down to see what I have(not the first time). and this one shouted at me.

focus fabric

It’s a nice blue grey fabric and I had only two small scraps in my box.

I pulled out some coordinating/complimenting fabric and put back some.

Before I pulled out those fabrics above, I wasn’t going to use white fabrics as contrasting one but when they are out on the table, white looked much better choice.


All the fabrics are scraps and I didn’t cut any of them any smaller except trimming. All are stitched together as improvised, not much measuring but straight lines and square corners.

inprov pieced

As you may know, my quilting is not much of minimalist either, is it?  To be a minimalist, I only used straight lines and ribbon candy on white background. I added ribbon candy to add a bit of movement.

quilting 02quilting 03

Most straight lines are done as free hand including stitch in ditch. I did draw long lines and curve ones with water soluble marker before quilting and used straight line ruler for guide.

The focus fabrics are quilted more decoratively. The background was quilted to create texture.

detail 02detail 03detail 04

I played around before I added the hanging sleeve to see which side should be top and I thought this way is better, up side down of initial layout.


It’s 27.5″ by 28″H, 70cm by 71cm H.

If you know anything about minimalist, let me know what you think!!


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