Quilting service “attic window”

I quilt your quilts. Decoratively or simply as you wish.

This one is a small quilt Mrs. B made in my class. Block pattern is called attic window. She has done a great job on Y seams, didn’t she.

She wanted me to quilt it very simply.

attic window

The first thing I did was stitch in ditch. Brown thread for brown sashing and white thread for white sashing.

Each window panel needed something but not too much. This is my solution.

detail back 02

detail window

It is made of continues curved lines. I used one of my semi circular ruler for quilting to be neat. All are slightly different since it is not computerised. These are quilted with lilac thread.

On the border I quilted ivy leaves with brown thread.detail back 01

detail  border

I can supply wadding and backing fabric. Binding is an option.

If you are interested your quilt to be quilted by me, contact me for detail.


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