Irish Share Jane

I am not a sampler quilt quilter particularly and haven’t properly looked at Farmer’s wife nor Dear Jane quilt despite I saw them all the time on the net last year. I can’t visualise how all the blocks come together nicely with all the different blocks.

And sometime last year I saw lovely Kim set up a group “Share Jane” on Facebook  which is making a Dear Jane quilt by a large number of people. There are so many blocks in this quilt so they are going to share the process. Also Kim has created super beautiful version of Dear Jane quilt. It has double heart on low volume background. Very clever!

However I didn’t join Kim’s project. Felt Canada was a bit far away.

Then at the end of last year, I saw Paula set up a group ” Irish Share Jane” on Facebook and I jumped in immediately. I don’t know what a finished quilt look like with this Irish one but sure it should be fun.

And sometime in January, my supply and instruction for two blocks arrived( I signed up for two since I thought making one block is not challenging enough). When I open the packet, I was bit petrified because 1) finished block size is 4.5″, 2) supplied fabric didn’t look like enough, well didn’t have any space for mistakes for sure.

And then early February, Paula was asking someone to make triangle shaped border blocks and I volunteered for one block this time. And here are the results.

There are going to be three Irish Share Jane quilts so each of us are making three of same block.

I blindly picked this “Iris’s medallion” first out from the envelope. Looked simple enough to do as foundation piecing. Well there are funny shaped seam line and E.P.P. might be a better construction method. All the blocks are with extra wide seam allowance and they look bit dis proportional on photos.

I 10

Iris’s medallion

Second one was much straight forward and easy foundation piecing pattern and came together quickly. Just there is no space for making mistakes when cutting fabrics and those triangles are tiny, 1/2″…

I 9

Chase a myth

Ones for border is also tiny foundation piecing pattern. After I finished first one, purple, I knew there were plenty fabric and I made rest of them with ease. These are 5″ by 8″ finished.




I have no idea which blocks are going to be in one quilt but sure they are lovely!



3 thoughts on “Irish Share Jane

  1. I knew those blocks were really small and never tried to make any, though quite a few blogging friends have been working on some. I have made sampler quilts in the past but I like coordinated fabric and larger blocks.

  2. Such tiny pieces , nimble fingers are needed. Like yourself I’m never sure of sampler quilts but this looks interesting . I suppose the wedding quilt I’ve started will be a sampler quilt though I hadn’t thought of it in that way

  3. They are really fiddly little blocks and I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together – there will be a white one, a black one and a rainbow one!

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