I made a piece with improvised curved piecing as a sample in the class earlier this year. I made it quite big and thinking I can use it for something large. It sat on the corner until I know what to do and have some time to do it.

While my machine went for a minor repair ( yeah she just needed a new mortar to get quiet ) I hand appliquéd circles (sorry somehow I don’t have any picture before appliqué was added ). And when I got my machine back, I quilted (It has gone very quiet and I can hear the needle going through the quilt again! ).

I left smallest circles to be un-quilted and all are quilted with individual designs. And there are more circles added without appliqué.

quilting pod 01

quilting detail 04

The background was quilted as landscape which was very original idea of this piece but I changed my mind and made it more abstract, something floating in the air.

They could be souls, dreams, small world or life. Just passing by.quilting detai 02quilting detail 03quilting detail 01

pods 02

pods 01

I bound this piece with what Judy Coates Perez calls faced binding. I saw this first time somewhere and came to see it again at Jenny’s Quilt skipper. I liked the idea but I normally add border and I do like to have usual binding on it. But this time I wanted to try because I didn’t want this quilt to have any border nor visible binding.

Judy’s instruction is very clear and easy to follow and it came together nicely. Like Jenny said on her blog post, I wanted the fold of binding to be flat which is folded wadding plus eight layer of fabric but I didn’t want to add machine stitch to the front. So I hand stitched it with what Japanese call Hoshidome, which you can see on the edge of suits collar. Basically it’s a back stitch with tiny dot on the right side of garment and all the rest of stitch is hidden inside of thickness but holding everything to keep it flat. Does anybody know the name in English?

back 02

Those green fabric is the binding. The hand stitches are not visible but in real you can see the dent.

back 01


It’s 39″ wide and 23.5″ tall.

I am calling it “Pods” right now but that may change.


2 thoughts on “Pods

  1. This is stunning. Of course the curved pieced background is quite simple (I’m so glad I learned how to do this, too!) But adding the multi-layer circles and the quilting really add the interest. Thanks for sharing it.

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