When I was making this quilt last year, I ended up making too much of neutral backing. Now I used it to make a slightly different quilt.

I scattered colourful scraps and added border.


Quilting was totally graffiti style with pale grey thread.


You might know Japan is famous for having lovely display of cherry blossom. They flower almost at one time and gone within a week. And lovely pink petals are on the ground making it pink. If it is going to be windy at the end of flowering week, there is a petal blizzard, “Sakura fubuki”.

My petals are in any colour but pink on this quilt and blown by wind.

quilting detail 01confetti 02quilting detail 02confetti 02

To bring a little bit of calm, the border or frame was quilted with circles and cathedral window. And I bounded with light green fabric.

quilting detail 03

And the back.

quilting 03



confetti 03

It’s 37″ wide ad 24.5″ tall.



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