Mighty lucky club March part one

I am loving partaking Mighty Lucky Club. So far they gave me great creative inputs and challenges. I’m sure good for me.

This month’s expert is Rossie Hutchinson of Rossie Crafts and the theme is colour. More precisely mixing up wrong colours.

As you may know I do mix any colour possible. My challenge is having just mixing two colours.

The first thing was to sort out all my fabrics of my stash. And here they are. Just under four basket. That’s not bad for nearly 14 years of sewing, is it. Most are bought as FQ or half yard and some are still as bought with label attached and some are just not small enough to go to scrap boxes.

stash un sorted

I put them all in each colour families and in order of shades.

From left, blue-purple, red-purple, red, pink and brown. Note to myself I need more blue purple, don’t I?

red brown

Continuing from above, brown, orange, yellow/tan and cream. Why I don’t have orange yellow enough?

orange yellow

Indigo, blue, little bit more green blue, little bit less green blue and mossy green. Yes I do have those ones between green and blue a lot because they look bluer beside the green and greener beside the blue and I get confused…


Green and lime green. There should be more green, shouldn’t it?


And neutrals. On white, light beige, brown beige and grey/black. Those beige ones are definitely not cream and can’t be mixed with cream above.


And those ones which I can’t put in anywhere. Multi colours or just don’t have anything similar.

odd ones

And they are all back in baskets as neatly folded 🙂 Yapee!

stash sorted

I choose to use greys for this month’s quilt because that’s the colour I don’t use very often. Or maybe still carrying something of minimalist feeling from last month.


They are from almost white to black marble. Since middle greys have reddish hue, I decided to add pinks to them. But not all the pinks I have looked right to be mixed with grey and I chose these ones. Not too girlie, cheesy ones.

and pink


What do you think? Do they go together?


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