Mighty lucky club March, part two

I chose to use grey fabrics mixing with pink for March’s activity. There is no particular direction for what quilt I should make in the given tutorial. When I was looking at those gradation of colours in fabrics, the rail fence blocks looked great to use them.

Generally we are supposed to use same blocks made of same fabrics through out one quilt with rail fence. However the fact of my fabrics are scraps and mixing with odd pink ones is a bit of challenge for this pattern. I decided to keep the gradation as I made and make a whole quilt in that gradation.

wrong colour 03wrong colour 02wrong color 01

Which direction has better look? I actually don’t know!

All the pink fabric were quilted with feather like motifs.

quilting detail 03

Then the rest of squares were divided by diagonal lines and half was filled with swirls and the other was with straight lines.

quilting detail 01quilting detail 04quilting with back

I quilted with light pink thread, 50wt, cotton.

The backing fabric is light yellow with grey flower print. Nicely pretty.

It’s 41″ by 41″, a lap quilt for my shop.



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