Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – April

I thought I wouldn’t make this month’s Mighty Lucky Quilting Club because I couldn’t find a good subject I want to work on. This month’s trainer is Alison Glass and the theme was making a quilt from a personal photo.

Ah hm, you might have noticed I don’t take photo of memorable things as such. My holiday photos don’t have human in them. I like taking photos of plants but not much emotional attachment there.

I was kind of walking away to make anything this month but then something reminded me of a photo of a little red church in snow which I saw somewhere online and wanted to make into a quilt. And I couldn’t find it. My Pinterest boards have gone huge and I don’t know where I put it.

Anyway, I pondered around on the web to see something inspiring and came across a picture of a little Icelandic church on a lake shore.

Other activity for this month is improvised piecing. I started with building a church which mostly made of straight lines and a halfway through I thought why didn’t I make this by foundation piecing. But I stayed improvising and a result is a bit cocked church but hey.

Creating surrounding area was much more fun. I was supposed to measure the original size and ratio to be true to the original but I went totally improvising, stretched here shortened there, more curve here less curve there.

I don’t know if you can see but I used all the blue fabric, wrong side up because that way the colour looks bit duller and brighten up the red roof better.

The blue water was quilted only with vertical straight lines and rest was to create bit of texture.

full finished 02

It’s 21″ by 33″.


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