Evolution 進化

I have been a member of Irish Patchwork Society (IPS) since last September after five years of absence. They are holding biannual exhibition this July in Limerick and members are encouraged to submit quilts themed “evolution”. Ruth is making amazing looking quilts too.

Here is what I made.


The idea came to my head was a cycle of life as a result of evolution.The simple basic forms/shapes of life evolved to fit to the circumstance and became complex  and sophisticated and some disappeared. In Present day, there are various forms of lives which  co-exist and support each other and creating a beautiful circle of life.


And the plant lives were the ones I chose to show this circle. A dead fallen tree, fungus and new life.


First, I made a dead, rotten tree with scraps of brown fabrics which are pieced as improvised. And then I made horizontal lines as background of forest ( in the photo below, two parts were not pieced yet).


base line

Fabric audition for trees.


background idea

Trees were inserted as improv. again. Yep I failed to make the grey tree on the right hand side and horizontal lines to be one lines again after cutting in order to insert a brown tree! I had to re attached the background.



Those mushrooms and a seedling were needle turn appliquéd. I added wadding scraps in the mushrooms to make them plump.




I quilted the fallen tree and forest trees with various type of wood surface quilting motives. The background was quilted with shadow of tree shapes. That seedling is getting some light through the forest. And simple piano key quilting on the border.


woods background

That’s my quilt for submission. Hope it makes to the exhibition.





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