A beautiful day

It has been warm for a week here in Ireland but until yesterday weather was horrible. But all the things in the garden has sprung up. Today was a beautiful day all day and I was out with may camera.


I found this baby tree growing the other day. I have to find a nice new place for it soon.


little tree

We only have yellow peonies in this garden and they produce a lot of seedlings. That means we have a lot of them if I am not careful.



Yellow Welsh poppy and wild poppy. We have a few more different poppy.


Is it late for Camellias to bloom?


Some black and white tulips. I didn’t see that little spider on the side of black one when I was taking photos.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then there are lots of dandelions in the garden and they are starting to fly off the seeds.


dandelion 03

If you look at the photo above, there is a tiny fly at one o’clock. Somehow I captured it perfectly.



The auto focus on my camera is amazing and how I can control is brilliant but it didn’t work well when I was trying to focus on fluffy seed head. So I had to switch to manual focus but it worked well.


dandelion 01dandelion 02

My baby asparaguses are growing. They are only one year old and we have to wait two more years for harvesting! Hope we can eat some strawberries before slugs get them.




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