Piecing guide part 1, cutting ピーシング法 その一、切り方。

This is my guide for the perfect piecing. It may seem to be a bit too much precision involved. However I do this way to eliminate the possibility of mistake and to get good result. Hope it helps anybody.



How to cut the fabric.


Here I am cutting full width of fabric. The first thing I do is squaring up the edge. I fold the fabric in half without causing any twist and place a ruler parallel to the fold. If you fail this, the cut line will be V shaped at the fold.

ここでは、全幅の布を切っています。最初にすることは布端をまっすぐそろえること。布をねじれの無いように半分に折り、折り目に定規をきっちり合わせます。曲がったまま切ると、布を広げた時、折り目が山か谷になってしまいます。ruler placement for squaring

I like using Creative Grid’s ruler because they have nice thin broken lines. If I use a solid line for alignment I can’t actually see where the fabric end or fold is because it is under the line and hiding. If I use a broken line I can see if fabric edge is on the top end, middle or bottom end of line. That way I can be more precise. In the photo above, the fold of fabric is on the top end of broken line.


The photo below is a sample of the ruler slightly placed crocked. On the left side fabric’s fold is on the bottom of line but on the right it is slightly above. It will make a difference at the bottom end of ruler, 22″ below from the fold.


crocked ruler


Trim the edge of fabric.



Now I cut this fabric 2 1/2″ wide. I place the ruler using the broken line as above. If I am cutting 2″ or 3″ wide, I use other end of ruler in order to avoid using that solid line.


ruler placement for cutting.jpg

Now I am cutting this 2 1/2″ wide strip of fabric to  2 1/2″ squares. If I have to turn the fabric around in order to cut from the left end (I am right handed), I move myself to the other side of table rather than fabric or lift and turn my cutting board still fabric on it. That way I can keep fabric straight as it has been cut. If I move the fabric, I am going to distort it and making it straight again is an extra job.

Always check the top and bottom edge of fabric are parallel to the ruler before you measure the size of cut you need and then cut it to the size. If the left edge became not square to the ruler somehow, trim it to square. We don’t want diamond shape.



cutting piece


Continue to the actual piecing activity.



2 thoughts on “Piecing guide part 1, cutting ピーシング法 その一、切り方。

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