Summer days!

It’s been a lovely summer week here in Ireland. A great start for our daughter’s summer holiday of three month!! But I have got a bit tired of watering my vegetable patch everyday  so today’s little shower was a welcome.


This is my last week’s work. Now it is pinned and I am waiting for quilting idea to come to me. It’s a minimalist and improv. I wanted red and white quilt but something told me to add some black too.


finished top.jpg

Since the weather has been good, I was out in the garden a lot. I have dug up some patches of lawn around the trees and am going to plant some potted plants left behind and some over grown ones from the existing beds.



While I spent days digging, some robins got very friendly. This is the skinny one and the other one I know has got only one leg.


robin 02

I tried to take some picture of honey bees but they are faster than bumble bees and it was difficult!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of my favourite flowers of this week 🙂


oriental poppyalliumcactus

Now I have an exhibition, pop up shop and travel for the summer and I need to do something while sitting long hours. Hence I am not good at reading in the public (not even on train or hospital waiting room), I decided to do some English Paper piecing I am admiring for a long time. It’s La passacaglia. But no fussy cut for me!


This is the layout of the first block. I am still tacking a loooooot of small pieces. When that tacking is done, I will start designing the second one.


group one


The exhibition with FORM will be starting this Friday, 10th at Carlow library. Hope you can come!



3 thoughts on “Summer days!

  1. What a great way to use paper piecing. I love those stars and the variety of sizes of flowers you can make … lots of possibilities. y the way, your Easter cactus looks in a much better shape than mine.

  2. What great photographs from your garden! It must have been so nice to spend time out there when the weather has been summery this past week…

  3. I admire your minimalist design, Tomomi, this new piece and others from your gallery. It’s interesting you decided to embark on something so “maximalist” as la passacaglia :))). I also like EPP for waiting time))

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