Days in countryside

As you may know, we were in Japan visiting my family and having adventure in Tokyo. These are some of my photos while we were in my home town and Onomichi city.


I grew up near by from here.There are a lot more houses actually!

paddy field

At night, we were kept up by frogs singing.tadpou

A shrine behind my primary school. We were scared of this place as kids and I don’t think I ever went up those steps.


On the other hand, the front field of this shrine was our playground.


Went to see hydrangea festival and this one is my favourite.hydrangea

Baby praying mantis. We don’t know how he got there.

praying mantis

A beautiful spider


Our daughter chases frogs every time we were there.


Some swallow chicks at tourist place.

swallow one

On the day we went beach, the weather was perfect but no swimming.


My sister dose tole paint and they are beautiful. Anyone interested to take some home?paint

Onomichi city. Houses are crowded because there is a very little flat space.onomichi

This chick was fledging and mammy brought some food!swallow two

Some houses are built at amazing space.pathway

One of the bridges of Shimamnami Kaido over inland sea. It was very wet day and we didn’t enjoy the view.bridge

And we were in Tokyo to see mad stuff.



3 thoughts on “Days in countryside

  1. I love that nature that caught the eye of your camera. Tole painting was once an “old craft” something like quilting. It is nice to see those beautiful pieces on a modern day setting. Nice to see you made it home safely and are back to your computer.

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