Then we were in Tokyo

We moved to Tokyo, the very big city to soak up some culture.

On the first day, I met my blogging friend Julie at Nippori fabric town. Me, Japnese never been to Nippori because I didn’t sew back then and Julie, American showed me around the street. It was quiet compared to the most places in Tokyo and we could exam every shops and all the floors of them. Thank you Julie for your patience! I hoped to find some nice Nani-Iro fabric and cute Kokka but didn’t see much of them. Over all there are all sort of fabric you need and I wish I can pop down every time when I have proper projects! While I was at it, my family survived going around Ueno area without me. Good job!



The following two days were spent meeting up people too, in Harajuku/Shibuya and Yokohama. I never liked the noise of Shibuya and it hasn’t got any quieter.

The place we stayed was a little house just beside the Tokyo Tower. So we had to go up to see the night view.

tokyo tower 01.jpg

I was messing with my camera’s functions but didn’t get quite well…

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We didn’t have any concrete plan what to do on one day and accidentally I found Boro exhibition at Amuse Museum in Asakusa. They have permanent exhibition and this one is larger one on the second floor.

boro 01

All the collection are from Chuzaburo Tanaka, ethnologist and came from northern parts of Japan. Boro means rugged, torn old things. People patched over and over again to keep these items usable.boro 02

This is quite modern shirts because we didn’t have buttons before western fashion came.shirt

This is a bedding kimono more or less like a sleeping bag and very very heavy in order to keep warm. According to the panel behind it, either mother or father and kids huddled together in one of this to sleep and keep warm.donja 01donja

This is Bodoko which used for child birth.bodoko 01bodoko 02

There are also nappies (below), socks and gloves are in display as well as clothing and bedding items.


On the third floor, they have other archaeology items like this pottery from Jomon era, 14,000 – 300 BC.doki

Sashiko and Koginzashi samples.sashiko

We say if a thing survives more than 100 years it will get a soul/spirit. And this Boro makes me kind of believe that. If you are in Tokyo by the end of next March, you should see this!

boro 03

We saw Björk’s new works (no photo) and Snoopy museum too. That Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s picture is made up of comic strips. Very patchwork!


By the way this was our neighbourhood. A lot of short building and big house.

neighbour 02

And some amazing old house…neighbour

The house we stayed was tiny but had two bed rooms and roof top. But if you open any windows, you can touch the neighbouring house. It was very comfy though. These are very narrow pathways to the house. Crazy 🙂

house 01house 02


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