Red and white

The combination of red and white always reminds me of Japanese flag. It is a beautiful and striking combination of colours but somewhat I don’t really want to use it like green for Irish-ness.

But something wants me to make this quilt. It’s is a minimalist and improv pieced quilt. I added a bit of black which idea probably came from beautiful Japanese red crown cranes.

red mini quilting detail 01.jpg

I quilted half of this quilt before we went away and when I started quilting it again, it was a bit hard to get a feeling of what I was doing before. I don’t know that did harm or good for over all look.

red mini quilting detail 02.jpg

Most of time I struggle to see the difference between slightly cream and white fabrics. Especially plain Kona white and snow. But when I took these photos on a sunny morning, cream ones looked very yellow even in a shade.

I know it’s hard to see in photos but there are several different white fabric in this quilt and my box of white scraps is getting emptier.

red mini quilting detail 03.jpg

I haven’t measured the size of this quilt but about 1m by mini finished whole 02red mini finished whole 01


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