A day trip to Limerick

Until earlier this year I hadn’t been in Limerick. We have passed there several times but never visited. But so far I made three trips to Limerick this year. One to visit Irish Patchwork Society (IPS), Mid Western Branch, one to do a workshop at Giddygoat Patchwork and one on this Monday to do a few things.

We finally got a bit of heatwave and temperature went up 26 or so on Monday and it was nice to drive under the blue sky and heat! More than half of drive to Limerick is on a motor way and stopping at Barack Obama Plaza has became a habit for me.

Anyway, the first stop at Limerick was at Limerick Quilt Centre, the largest quilt shop in the country. The purpose was to pick up my bookshelf quilt which was at the River of dreams quilt exhibition run by Limerick Quilt Centre in late June. Visitors to the exhibition voted my quilt as a favourite and it came a joint winner! I got this huge pack of fabrics as a prize 🙂 Super happy!!

fabrics from limerick

After a bit of fabric shopping there, I went to Limerick School of Art where IPS had been having an exhibition. The theme for this year’s exhibition is ‘evolution’ and quilts were hanged in a beautiful former church building.


These are some of my favourites.

Margaret’s clean and simple quilt.


The centre of Louise’s starburst quilt. Love that black background. Very bold.louise

I like the shape of this quilt which reminds me of Noren screen. By Anne O’Neillbutterfly

This one is made by a group of five quilters. Beautiful hand stitches.group

Ruth’s time line quilt. We are that red dot.RuthOlena’s birds. Quilting of Archaeopteryx is amazing!olena

My quilt has got a good accompany. Sorry to show this side shot but a photo from straight front has got blurry.my quilt

Also on a side wing they had quilts from European quilts association. They are made a few years ago with theme, distance. Irish, Austrian and Latvian quilters made as a group.


And then I took a short walk down to Hunt Museum where 12 quilters are having exhibition, Freedom. There was another exhibition including these quilts earlier in June in a different place which I couldn’t go. So I was delighted to see them at the same time in Limerick.

Ethelda’s quilts are always amazing. So much details on it.


That was my day out in Limerick, full of quilts for sure.




3 thoughts on “A day trip to Limerick

  1. Congratulations on the win and the prize, your bookshelf really deserves it! Pity I missed you in Limerick, we went there on Saturday))

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