Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – June

Nearly a month passed since June ended. But finally I am catching up with Mighty Lucky Quilting Club.


June’s expert is Angela Walters of Quilting Is My Therapy and it’s all about free motion quilting! The specified subject was a whole cloth quilt with letters.


I chose these words and font for my quilt which I decided before we went to Japan.


letters July

I was slightly fed up using white fabric and wanted some nice coloured solid for this quilt and when I have finished, it will be on the kitchen/dining room wall. I bought lavender fabric at Limerick Quilt Centre last Monday and started the process Wednesday.


This is before quilting. I copied those letters through window. Before I copied, I thought of faux-trapunto for the letters but since they were not quite fat letters, I opted out. Because I wanted make sure fabric around the letters not to shift, I pinned a lot.



All the letters are quilted very carefully and echoed. Thread I used is light blue in hope of making this quilt a bit brighter.



And then I quilted free spiritedly which I haven’t done a while and it felt good! This was what looked like two hours later.


quilted front

To go with “Walk, don’t run”, I started quilting gentle curvy lines to bring calmer atmosphere. However those lines made words to disappear somehow (above “don’t run”). Small plumes, circles and spirals made words to stands out more (around “Walk”). That will be a lesson for the next time.


quilted back

On the following day I added a bit more quilting to fill the gap and it was bound with light sage fabric.


finished quiltdetail 02detail 01

It’s 15″ by 26″. A mini whole cloth quilt for me.



2 thoughts on “Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – June

  1. Your quilting is just gorgeous, as ever! The binding is a nice contrasting touch, and the back looks interesting in its way too.

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