Mighty Lucky Quilting Challenge – July

Yep, I managed to finish July challenge for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club! Yoo hoo!


When we got home from Japan, I didn’t think even digesting how to tackle the project before the end of July, which means I haven’t even read the instruction. But somehow I did 🙂


This month’s expert is Cheryl Arkinson and our challenge was to make a quilt from one fabric. Cut one fabric into pieces and sew back again to make a one quilt. I never even imagined doing such a thing…


The first thing I had to do was to have a fabric suitable for this challenge. This fabric needs a good contrast in colour or wide variety. I was after some ombré style fabric which could give gradual change of colour from dark to light or colour wheel way.


When I was in Limerick, that was what I was looking for in Limerick quilt centre. But couldn’t find what I had in my head. The first one caught my eyes was this one. It’s from Moda fabrics, Zig Zag Ombre.


moda stripe

And the second choice was this one with a lot of colour. If I cut separate each stripe, I should be able to make something, shouldn’t I.



I looked at them, stared at them, cut and pasted on pc and stared bit more. And then finally I found what to do.


I cut ombré fabric with 30 degree angle which was marked with a home made template.



And then I pieced them back together to make a centre piece.


centre block

I added the first border. Still trying a bit of ombré effect there.


first border

I fussy cut to make diamond shapes in darker parts for the second border but that was too dark to go beside the first one. So I just put light colour parts for brake up and then added the third border. The corner stones are 1.5″ squares cut and sewn back together. They look like something….


finished top

I bought 1.5 yards of this fabric but after three borders there is not enough fabric to make this quilt bigger or make up something interesting for adding more, so I finished the top as this.


Quilting was custom to enhance this fabric pattern. I really loved quilting this centre medallion.


quilting centre 01

Borders were quilted more or less formal and simper style.

ボーダーは控えめに、キルティング。quilting detail

It’s about 35″ by 35″. If you are interested to make one yourself, I am happy to help!




2 thoughts on “Mighty Lucky Quilting Challenge – July

  1. That was a tricky challenge, but your result is marvelous! It’s very elegant and I can’t help thinking there’s something of traditional Japanese minimalism in it, reminds me of sashiko or something like that))

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