August up date

It’s been a bit busy in between various things like.

  1. Our craft group FORM had a pop up shop during Kilkenny Arts Festival. Thank you for your visit!
  2. Gardening had to be done like pruning, digging up potatoes, removing dead plants and more.
  3. Went to see Celebration of Wool exhibition at Tinahely.
  4. Running Wednesday morning class and trying to organise autumn class (detail here).
  5. Making some quilts!
  6. Mummy taxi (one more week!!)

Any way, the Celebration of wool exhibition is organised by Evelyn who wants to revive Irish wool industry. Irish wool has been taken over by oversee produces and there is no facility to process Irish fleece in Ireland which is very hard to believe since sheep are everywhere. There are some group of interested people spinning and knitting in very small scale. The exhibition is for more people to rediscover things about wool.

wool quilt

Antique wool quilt.


Leiko’s felt items

On second week of Tuesday, I went Leiko’s felting workshop. Leiko is a Japanese felt maker and she can make something doesn’t look like felt from felting wool which is amazing. However this workshop was basic one and it is about using Irish wool which came from Evelyn’s sheep. And I made this one.


Bit wonky but I am happy with that.

I will be going Emer’s wool patchwork workshop tomorrow. Will show you the result soon!


I made a post card quilt, 15cm by 15cm. This one is going to be sent to European Quilt Association’s show happening in October. The theme is 20 because this year is 20th year of this show. As a Japanese, my immediate reaction to 20 is coming of age and things named with association of twenty. Twentieth day market (Hatsuka-ichi), Raddish (in Japanese they are called twenty day Daikon, Hatsuka-daikon) or laboratory mouse ( Hatuka- nezumi). Then I thought there should be a name  for the moon on 20th day too because I know few other than full moon. And yes there is one and it is Husemachi Zuki.

As you know the full moon comes up early evening for anybody to enjoy and after that it gets late by 50 minutes a day. In order to see moon rising, people have to stay up later everyday. By the time of 20th day, it would be after the bed time but still people waiting in half asleep. And that is Husemachi- Zuki.

husemachi zuki

I made the moon with yellow scraps and appliquéd on the dark background. One side is raw edged and circle side is folded for cleaner look. I never liked Japanese calligraphy and didn’t learn properly in school. If I did, it might help me to quilt Japanese words there better. Maybe.


Now I am making this quilt with cogs.


Picking fabrics, making cogs and stitching them down by hand weren’t hard. I wanted add one or two bird to it. At the very start I wanted bird’s silhouette in black but I made a very decorative man-made bird with a lot of colour which was too big and too busy. Then I made smaller bird with flower print which was still looked too big and I didn’t like the shape. In the end of that day, I made two small black birds which I am very happy with. Why do I always go back to original plan??

Now quilting is in progress.

quilting 01



2 thoughts on “August up date

  1. So many interesting things at once! I love the cogwheels, black birds seem very appropriate. Your postcard is very nice as well. I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, which you can accept or not as you wish))

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