Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – August

It’s the first day of September. There are hints of Autumn in the air for sure. But I am going to write about the one I made in August here.

August’s expert for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club was Sarah Fielke and the subject was creating a traditional quilt block by applique.

Well, I thought, that was quite strange thing to do. If some quilt block pattern are shown as a  colouring pattern, that makes them look like tile designs. Some tile designs can be made applique or E.P.P.. Then applique is a kind of cheating way to make complicated quilt blocks??  But after I read Sarah’s instruction, I realised I had to think ordinary out of ordinary box.

Then what I want to do is to make a simple thing complicated way, if possible.

I choose Single Irish Chain because that is one of simplest pattern. Only two fabrics are needed. To make it a bit complicated, I decided to make squares in different sizes. The largest in the middle and smaller to the edge.

I thought the background fabric should be polka dots probably because those squares dotting around reminded me of polka dots. This fabric combination of pale fabric and light peachy pink looked perfect.


I carefully placed squares to be on the grid. I needle turn appliqued all the squares which took way longer than piecing normal Irish Chain. But I found in this way I have more control of polka dots patten to stays how it should be. If I cut and stitched it, I am sure they become crocked and that’s the reason I rarely use alignment print pattern.

Quilting design mainly came from the grid pattern on the background fabric. Connecting dots and creating new space. Then I found the distance of dots are not same in warp and weft direction. I had to make slight design change to fill the gap.

finished cushion cover 02quilting on the edgecorner

The backing is a pale peachy pink and closed with a zip.

cushion back

Here is how it looks without and with cushion filling.flat coverfinished cushion cover 01

It is for 18″ or 40cm cushion and will be in my Etsy shop soon. Sold!

Also I will write how I do needle turn applique shortly!

One thought on “Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – August

  1. That’s an interesting challenge, I would definitely never come up with such an idea myself! Your pillow turned out very elegant and minimalist, and your quilting is the best icing on the cake.

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