Witches and Castles

I am a member of Irish Patchwork Society (IPS), south-midland branch and we have our meeting in Kilkenny once a month. The South-midland branch is organising AGM for this year in Kilkenny and having a quilt challenge for it too. The theme for the challenge is “Witches and Castles” because that’s what Kilkenny is famous for (yes and other things of course).

I used to draw an eye a lot. Sometime both eyes but quite often just right eye. Can I make an eye of a witch with a quilt? That was my challenge. An eye of powerful witch!

Initially I was just going to make an eye on black background but it looked too big open space left as a background or an eye had to be very big. So I made it a bit small and brought in hexagon design and added several borders to make it more magical.

Bits for eye and green circles on one of the border were needle turn appliquéd and this eye was reverse appliqué.


I have thought about quilting eyelashes but then thought it makes it girlie. So it is very simple.


Come to quilting design on the black background, I drew two triangles inside the hexagon and filled each spaces. The space in between the eye and eyebrow had a gap and needed to fill and I added some kind of tribal tattoo/swirl there.


Quilting on back fabric with black thread is a bad idea for photographing so I hope this picture from the other side gives better idea of what I did.


We are supposed to make this less than 15″ but adding borders made it to 16″. I don’t know if it is going to be accepted…



3 thoughts on “Witches and Castles

  1. That’s beautiful (and spooky)! Your quilting is just mind-blowing, as always. I’m only on the sketch stage with my witches, have to hurry up.

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