Clockwork Birds

This quilt was finished before Wiches and Castles quilt but it took me a while to find parts for hanging and sorting it. Over the weekend I finally hanged it and took some photos.

I am calling it “Clockwork Birds” because that is the inspiration I had for this piece. A mechanical bird in a cage and sings as you wish. Is that a Japanese thing? I don’t think I have ever seen one in real but some images are in my head.

I wanted to create an image of cogs and wind-up mechanism rather than actual birds. So I made huge cogs and little birds with appliqué.


Quilting design was to show some of my original idea, a bird cage with some plants growing. The main background fabric is slightly blue light grey and I choose very pale blue thread for quilting. I added few more cogs on the background too.


Those straight lines are hard to quilt because without me noticing they went crocked. I did drew some lines so I know where I am heading while quilting but mostly free mind free motion except shadow cogs.finished-quilting-04

As you can see I made the top with curve that’s why I needed special hanging. I found good strong twisted wire and gently bent it to fit in shape. And it worked! I wrapped it with some fabric and inserted in place.


I haven’t decided if I hang it with some piece of chain or fibre twine. Since there is no actual metal visible, natural fibre looks better with it, isn’t it? Something looks like ivy or wisteria vine do?


It’s 94cm w by 121cm h.


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