Indian summer

It’s been a warm week and I have got done some works in the garden! Trimming, pruning, clearing veg patch and some weeding.

But before that, a big news in our house is having a new kitten. She came to me in the garden about two and a half weeks ago because she was starving. I think I have seen her there previous few weeks but she never got close to me. But that evening she decided she was too hungry to be afraid and needed some help.


She is still constantly hungry and looking for food but if she eats anything other than kitten food, she gets diarrhea so we have to watch her not to steal Mimi’s food.


This is Mimi

Two cats are still not fully friends but slowly getting there, we hope.

Today the kitten lost her baby fangs. They are tiny!


By the way we think her name is Missy.

Now out in the garden, there are some more flowers and bugs 🙂



Still blooming



The last rose


At last, it opened.


It is Autum.



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