T-shirts quilt

So I spent last two weeks making this T-shirts quilt for a customer. Materials are from baby gros to football jerseys in various size. I didn’t want to cut into any prints if possible so they are cut into different sizes and fitted back together to became one.

As you know, T-shirts are stretchy. To make process easy, I know a lot of people attach some stabiliser to the back of T-shirts. But I don’t like the stiffness created by stabiliser so I opted it out (who doesn’t like a challenge!).

Cutting and piecing wasn’t that difficult. Just needed to be extra careful than usual. Pinning quilt sandwich took a little bit longer to straiten everything but just a bit.

Then came to quilting, it was difficult. The stretchy part just kept moving and I was constantly adjusting quilting foot height to be high enough not to shift fabric but low enough not to skip stitches. And a lot of pinning!

Mostly I quilted by outlining prints and filling background with something. Each panel got all different quilting and custom quilting.


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Those printed parts don’t stretch(should be a good thing) at all and quilting foot doesn’t slide well over the prints which means foot shifted a whole part unexpectedly. And also because I didn’t want to make holes by pinning those printed area, I had to go really slowly outlining those parts.


Most prints didn’t get quilted because creating holes on them will damage it, I think. However some prints were quite big to be unquilted and I had to quilt, like Sonic above.

And some fancy grown up quilting too!


I did a lot of unpicking to reduce some puckering which happened whatever I tried. It looks quite different from usual quilts but that is what it is, I think.

Quilted background where is wide enough to have some motifs have got very nice texture actually and I liked it. I might need to investigate about prints a bit more though.


That bottom right has got wide area un quilted because I didn’t want  to damage the print any further.


It’s 56″ by 77″, single bed size quilt. All the sashing and border are 1″ wide.

Thank you for having me to make this quilt!





3 thoughts on “T-shirts quilt

  1. I have thought often about the problems related to that stretchy fabric as I have so many t-shirts, I could probably wear a different one every day for over a year. A few years ago I saw a pattern someone else had used that combined large and small areas. I think I have a sketch in one of my notebooks but still I have resisted because of all that stretchy fabric. That you could pull it off by machine, and do it so beautifully, is greatly admirable.

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