Mighty Lucky Quilting Challenge – September

September came and went very fast for me. I did make a few quilt and Autumn class stated in my studio and Ballon with happy people! Now it’s October and it is getting chilly and leaves are changing colours. Autumn is definitely here.

I didn’t make a quilt for September’s challenge but I did the exercises. September’s expert was Jacquie Gering of Tall grass prairie studio and the exercise was to create unique block designs.  We worked with black and white and tried to make either side of colour to work as a block design. If you are interested, hop over to Mighty Lucky Quilting Club to get the instructions!

Jaquie talked about No-tan concept from Japan. No-Tan means dark and light in Japanese. To me, Japanese, No-Tan is creating visual image with just black ink on white paper through darkness, lightness, stroke of brush and pattern which called Sumi-e. Really beautiful works show you everything in that monochrome world. So to me, No-Tan shouldn’t be two opposite side of black and white. And just today I heard slightly different but similer version of No-Tan and I am wondering where it all came from…

Anyway, in black and white, I designed some blocks and I twisted, turned and flopped to create quilt patterns. And here are my favourites so far.

Left is one block and right is pattern created by four block of spun one and put four of them together.

This one was starting point for latter two.

In black and white, I liked this one best but after putting colours in I preferred next one.


I kind of liked simple black and white patterns but if I put greys in between them, they would be more interesting. wouldn’t they. Well actually, various colour there would be nice?

It looks like spinning stars but I think it needs something more….

I liked windmill look like centre but I might have picked wrong colour.  The background is too pale!

I like this colour combination but St. Bridget cross needs to connect with triangle bits better.

What do you think?




4 thoughts on “Mighty Lucky Quilting Challenge – September

  1. I have never heard of Japanese no tan . It sounds very interesting . I will have to google this !
    Your block is interesting , performs well in your different formats

  2. These are very fun. I love them all in black and white — very inspiring. As to the colored ones, I like the second one best with one caveat. I would use a little darker value on the pale patches at the center. I think they would help anchor it better and balance the weight that the dark blocks have. Or I’d change the number of them so there are (apparently) 3 dark blocks across instead of 2. That way you’d have dark in the center rather than light. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m leaning towards the b&w number 1! I’m confused about the differing descriptions and ways they are applied so I think I will stick with your definition!

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