Boro bag making

I call them Boro bags because I use Kimono scraps and they are quite random in shapes and colour. And also I stitch/quilt over it heavily to add durability, sturdiness and decoration like old days of Sashiko. However, they are not used Kimono fabrics but came from a factory in Japan as cut off/scraps of traditional clothing.

They are woven with different coloured cotton yarn and quite loose and drapey compared to usual quilting cotton. And they fray very easily especially loose woven one with thicker yarn. That’s the reason I have to quilt a lot as well as dense quilting results sturdier and hold the bag shape properly.scraps

I use quilt as you go log cabin method and quilting distance is about 1/4″. I use cotton wadding and backing fabric. If you don’t want the result to be stiff, don’t use backing fabric for this process. I use variegated thread, 30wt for good colour. It dose great job especially on black and dark fabric which I have a lot more than coloured ones. They are mainly dark coloured because they are ordinary people’s everyday Kimono not special decorative silk one!

Making each body parts takes 3-4 hours. Each bag needs 3-5 parts. Actual construction of bag are quicker than that even including parts making. Being a quilter might be a bad habit… I don’t like using one single fabric!quilted

This one has got a magnet clasp closure. One zipped pocket inside. About 23cm by 40cm W. The handle is made of quilting cotton with interface. The lining is navy Cupla/cotton liner.


This one has got one handle and a flap cover which has magnet clasp too. About 26cm by 34cmW. Also has a inside pocket with zip and lined with Cupla.


Then I have got bored of stitching log cabin with squares and made it with triangles. This one is a bit larger and top is closed with zip. About 27cm by 45cm W. With a large side pocket inside. Lined with quilting cotton which you can see on the handle.triangle-bag-02triangle-bag

They are going to be in my shop for Christmas time but if anybody interested, I am happy to give you more details or take custom order 🙂


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