Knitting ‘n’ Stitching show, Dublin

Yesterday we went to see Knitting ‘n’ Stitching show in Dublin. It’s a biggest textile show in Dublin and possibly only one in this country.

There were a lot of shop too as you can imagine but my reason for going up was to see the exhibitions.

Little disappointedly it has gone a bit smaller in terms of floor space and participants. But saw beautiful winning quilts from Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. And the highest point for me was to see this amazing quilt by Laura Kemshell!! When I saw some photos of this quilt on social media during the Festival, my heart skipped! It was so different and beautiful. Got to see it in flesh was unexpected and I was chuffed!

Also there were other quilts from the Festival of Quilt and I particularly wanted see the winner of best in the show quilt by Sandy Chandler which is a white whole cloth and this quilt of bees by Elfriede Grooten.

My quilts were shown in the Kitting ‘n’ Stitching show too! Two with Irish Patchwork Society and one with Cork Textile Network.

This one was made to be in Modern quilt section  and found beautiful neighbour by Ethelda!


And this one was made for the National exhibition back in July. We need more space to spread and see each of them better, don’t you think?


My quilt at the Cork Textile Network’s booth. Mine was outside but facing café area and I hope it got some audience.



I did a bit of shopping too. Here!


Those two boxes on the right top are sewing needles made in Hiroshima, Japan by Tulip. They make the best needles in the world. When I saw them there last year, I was beyond excited. I met a Japanese girl explaining them there too who used to work for Tulip. We chatted for some time in Japanese 🙂 I can’t sew with needles commonly sold in Ireland because they are not quite sharp and angle of glide is not quite right, eyes are made badly or too large to go through smoothly and make hand sewing painful! With Tulip needles I don’t have to push or pull it through the fabric and I can sew fast too. Yes eyes are a bit smaller but that is better than painful sewing. And I love that package!!

If you don’t like hand sewing, try it with good needle. It will make your job easy.



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