Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – October

October’s expert for Mighty Lucky Quilting Club was Nichole Voglesinger of tallgrass prairie studio and challenge was to decorate something with embroidery. It didn’t need to be a quilt but I made a small wallhanging. You can buy individual tutorial from Mighty Lucky’s site if you are interested in!

One of Nichole’s suggestion was to make appliqué collage and that was something I wanted to try.

First I thought I might make something Christmasy since it’s nearly there but I don’t have good fabric to make any appliqué collage and I abandoned it very quickly. While I was going through my fabric piles, I remembered about some Kimono fabric somebody gave me a good while ago. They are made of silk and printed with modern dye but very traditional design. I didn’t know what to do with them because I don’t have any other silk or similar fabric design to go with. So they stayed in a box until now.

Firstly I made background with plain fabrics. They are all Kimono as well but plain. Some are woven with beautiful pattern (I know you can’t see but it’s there!). I didn’t piece them but appliquéd on base fabric because they fray too much.


And then I picked and fused some pretty flower bits. This part is collage of several pieces but other parts are actually cut out from one piece.


I embroidered here and there on flowers. Filaments, tips and edges of petals and stems of some leaves. I hope you can see.


Then I applied faux trapunto on appliqué parts to give some puffiness. And then quilted each background fabric differently.


I used medium grey thread for quilting.


I really like finishing edges with facing when I don’t add border. In this case I couldn’t decide what to with border because cotton fabric just don’t go with silk and I don’t have silk. I think putting this wall hanging in a frame but I am leaving it as it is right now because against white wall, this quilt looked nice too.

What do you think?



One thought on “Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – October

  1. Silk is so hard to work with and you did a splendid job. Pin basting as well!!! Even if I tried that by hand, I’m sure the quilting would be all bunched up in the corners. It really looks so nice without a border treatment.

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